Tritec Systems is an approved system integrator for the HARTING range of RFID products and middleware solutions.

To further support the integration of HARTING RFID in industrial applications, Tritec Systems has developed a unique and cost effective solution to enable rapid and easy integration of HARTING RFID with many different PLC systems. The solution uses an ‘off-the-shelf’ HMI to provide an ‘equipment interface’ between one or more networked RFID readers and PLCs. Further, the use of standard industry networking such as Ethernet TCP/IP makes the solution highly scalable enabling additional RFID read/write stations to be added quickly and efficiently in the future.

The solution has been deployed in to manufacturing applications including an automotive vehicle assembly line.

For more information about our HARTING RFID integration solution please download the article here.


More information about HARTING’s range of RFID products and solutions can be found on the HARTING website here